A propos

La Reverie it's me: Christelle, Bretonne born in Berlin and living in Alsace, maried, mom of two beautyfull girls. I have a strong personality but more important a mind full of ideas and a constant need of doing thing with my hands.
Creation is my passion, and a passion, you need to share it!
This is how La rêverie, my small shop were I make you enter my universe, got born.

I started crafting as a child, dreaming of beeing teacher in kindergarden « because you always do crafts activities ». I can't stop myself to only one technique: sewing, crochet, embroidery, paper, scrapbooking to only use the main.
As it's impossible for me to only create one type of object, or use only one technique, it was obvious for me to work on collections around one theme.

You will find here various them and object. But all have one in common : I have imagined them and created them with my own hands.
You don't find the theme you are looking for?You would have liked a product with a different color or size? Everything or nearly can be done on demand.